Based out of the Carp Airport, just a short drive from downtown Ottawa, we provide flight training and rentals for advanced ultralight aircraft. Our goal is to make flying more accessible. We believe learning to fly should be fun, safe and within reach. Come talk with us and discover how the wonderful world of advanced ultralights can make your dream come true!  Our factory built, professionally maintained aircraft is the Evektor Sportstar, one of the most exciting and leading light sport aircraft in the market.  

Discovery Flights

Dream of flying, but not sure if it is your thing?  You can check that off your bucket list through a discovery flight.  Experience flying in the cockpit first hand.  

Pilot Training

Learn to fly with an instructor to become a safe and proficient pilot.  You will gain all the skills and experience to obtain your permit.


Our aircraft is available for rent at a reasonable rate so you won't be required to purchase your own aircraft.

Carp Airport

Carp, ON K0A 1L0

(613) 854-7505

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