Meet The Team

Flight Instructor, Advanced Ultralight

Paul Laferriere


Like so many others Paul became fascinated with aviation at an early age.  He started flying RC planes when he was 12, earning his MAAC wings. He obtained a pilot license at 17.  For Paul flying has always been more about the journey than the destination and over the years he went on to obtain various licenses and ratings including a night rating, commercial pilot license, aeroplane instructor rating, multi-engine rating, group 1 instrument rating, ultralight pilot permit and ultralight instructor rating. 


Paul became interested in the wonderful world of advanced ultralights as the evolving regulatory environment and advancing technologies have made this category of aircraft a much more accessible means of flying. 


He started Blue Sky Advanced Ultralights to provide an option for others to earn and maintain their wings, flying one of these amazing aircraft, at a reasonable cost and without the need to own one.