Our Services

Our Rates

Ground School - $650

Our ground school course includes all the books and resources you will need to fly.  Our ground school is flexible and offered in 3 formats: 8 three hour sessions or a weekend accelerated course or private sessions.

Ground Instruction - $50/hr

Each training flight is typically 1 hour with a 15 min ground briefing.

Dual Flight Instruction - $195/hr

Learn to fly the aircraft with an instructor to become a safe and proficient pilot.

Aircraft Rental - $145/hr

Solo flight training will be done with our aircraft.  Qualified pilots can rent our aircraft to enjoy a local scenic flight or take a trip!

Radio (ROC-A) Exam - $50 (waived for registered clients)

Industry Canada accredited examiner on staff.

Student Pilot Permit

Transport Canada Authorized Person on staff.

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