My motto of late is dream big or go home. Seeing how small our world is when you're in the air brings perspective. Literally - the sky is the limit and I touched the clouds today - through a discovery flight. Was the stuff dreams are made from. It was a life changing experience and it was also on my bucket list. Thank you for providing an amazing service and wonderful trip. A++++++++++++++++++

Chris Broom  Mar 26, 2018

Thank you so much for the flight today!

I am looking forward to more flights! Congrats on getting your school set up.

It truly was an amazing experience...

Sean MacGinnis  March 31, 2018

Loved every second of it...

This is something everyone who has a love of aircraft or flying must do. It was one of the best experiences I have ever done. 


I give the experience and Paul the instructor 10 out of 10.

Rod Hamberger April 22, 2018

Great instructor and intro to flying an advanced ultralight aircraft.  Both my wife and I enjoyed our flights and I plan to continue with flight training starting with the license for the ultralight class of aircraft.  The Sportstar is a beautiful aircraft.  Thanks again Paul for taking us up!

Brad Taylor May 5, 2018